About us

Metalik d.o.o. is a company where reliance and quality have been deeply embedded ever since its establishment in 1989. The offices are located in very busy and most attractive part of Sarajevo, in 156 Dzemala Bijedica Street, with the own parking lot for the company’s clients. The company has been present on the Bosnian market for almost three decades, identifiable by its metallic colour and commitment to satisfying its customers, applying advanced and developed technologies, and also to training and enabling human resources. Following the evolution and growth of business outside the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, our integrations have become our goals. Empowering ourselves, in order to become able to empower others, we are currently operating as a modern and qualified team capable of satisfying the needs of customers from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this way we have confirmed and we continue to confirm our attitude of a progressive vision, which is substantiated by our imposing business results. The guarantees of our success are a reliable dialogue and an excellent outcome, as well as solutions based on a natural approach and professional relationship. The strength of Metalik d.o.o Sarajevo greatly relies on satisfying our customers’ needs, both in commercial and private structures.

Metalik’s brilliance and radiance have been and are continuing to be our customers’ inspiratios, in respect of quality and satisfaction. Your choice is our mission within the treasure house of our products and services. Our machines are of the highest standards, installed in the facility, in operation, and integrated into the system. Our development has continually grown and has now achieved the level of the best quality design, sound and thermal insulation. In the world of business and production, we are oriented towards reasonable prices, values that cherish principles of investing into development, creating an atmosphere of competitiveness, and the highest level of services on the market, through the following activities:

• Production and installing of aluminium structures and constructions,
• Production and installing of steel structures and constructions,
• Transportation of all our products.

In our production plant, we process the raw materials and produce different sets of products, structured into programs ranging from the finest details and elements for your home, to heavy supporting structures for business buildings, using the most advanced and the most contemporary work methodologies and materials.